Books: Ethics To Live By

The publication is a tribute to the memories of Rabbi Gavriel and Rivkah Holtzberg that were killed by terrorists within their Chabad House at Mumbai.  

The Talmudic comprehension of a Chasid is somebody who excels beyond the letter of this law in his own self-refinement and personality growth.  Ethics of the Fathers is a selection of valuable information from the sages of antiquity regarding fundamental life-skills like exercising leadership, coping with other people, and private character refinement.

This variant of Pirkei Avot requires a sensible and appropriate approach in comprehending the text so that it applies to the lifetime of this reader.  Along with classical opinion, the anthology culls from contemporary Chasidic thought along with the functions of early Kabbalists to supply a deep and esoteric comprehension illuminating the deeper consequences of this life-lessons to be heard from Pirkei Avot, also inventing a sensible guide of directives about the best way best to become a Chasid.

The Rebbes deep admiration for Torah and the individual mind is evident from how he finds present application for its timeless knowledge of the ancients.   Countless different informative and interesting commentaries from Jewish thinkers spanning two millennia, handpicked from the compiler, invent this rich makeup.

Normally, anthologies of this kind have a tendency to strip commentaries in the first style, borrowing just the direct notable points.  In this variant, but the compiler retained lots of the texture and taste of the first commentary in his interpretation. 

The publication is aesthetically pleasing too.  Its big binding, silver plated pages and ornately embossed lettering will look good on the coffee table or bookshelf.

Subtle, thematic Illustrations and art of this column headings helpfully direct the reader through the numerous styles of comment so as to customize his learning experience.  Colours of blue add colour to the tasteful classic style of the design and layout.  The writing engages the reader, addressing him in the first person so the life-lessons seem to be personally applicable.

The commentarys text contains historical history, short biographies, and insights into the lifestyles of their Mishnaic sages whose expressions compose the Ethics of the Fathers.  Pirkei Avot is a set of teachings from top Jewish sages within a span of five hundred decades, by the time after the compilation of this bible at the start of the second temple period (circa 360 BCE) until well into the next century.  Through these years, fantastic challenges faced with the Jewish people; fresh opposing factions arose over the Jewish community which threatened to undermine the foundations and future of Judaism; the entire world was shaken by revolutionary modifications because of an unsettled culture from the transformation from Greek to Roman rule.  A number of the teachings in Pirkei Avot reflect the mindset of their sages during these oppressive occasions along with the historical advice in this edition offer the reader with a comprehensive grasp of the context and personage behind each instruction.  These historical and biographic columns aren't the compilers private comprehension of history; instead, they're anthologized from accounts located in the Talmud and other sources that are classic.

Illustrative anecdotes are just another excellent feature of this version.  They appear in italics and in shaded artistic scroll-shaped boxes which have a wide assortment of short messages and stories in the Talmud and Chasidic literature and folklore.  These exemplify the application and value of the classes of Pirkei Avot and also make for simple and genuinely enjoyable reading.

Insights to the etymology and linguistic nuances of the Mishnah are readily discernable in the Kabbalistic viewpoints due to intricate artistic layouts that differentiate between different key words which neatly departmentalize and certainly indicate the numerous segments of this comment.  This permits the reader to select his favorite manner of commentary.

The viewer this publication caters to is varied.  While scholars will discover deep and novel viewpoints that move far beyond the basic resources, amateurs will probably be attracted to the publication by the ease of their text, the viability of its messages, and their elucidating explanations.  Even kids will find interest from the numerous short stories which appear throughout the publication.  A must-have classic Traditional addition to this house this Book

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