Mumbai Jewish Community, Survivors, Grieve For Victims

In the wake of the horror seige at Mumbai,the families of the casualties, Israeli's embassy agents and emissaries of their ZAKA rescue firm bowed their heads together with the Indian town 's small Jewish neighborhood at a euology for its murdered victims in the primary synagogue at Mumbai.  The bodieswere subsequently flown to Israelwhere they'll be put to rest Tuesday. 

Shimon Rosenberg, the daddy of Chabad emissary Rivka Holtzberg who had been murdered in the attack together with her husband Gavriel, eulogized his daughter along with son-in-law and said a prayer in his or her memory. 

In addition, he thanked the Indian grandma, Sandra Samuel, who was able to escape in the building together with his two-year-old grandson, Moshe Zvi.  "With her amazing resourcefulness, Sandra conserves my grandson's life.  If she hadn't caught him, he'd definitely have been killed," he explained. 

Rosenberg broke into tears as he talked, when his grandson Moshe Zvi also started crying and looking for his mom. 

Over a hundred members of this Jewish community in Mumbai attended the service. 

"We shall keep on working together with all the Indians and the remaining nations on the planet so as to stop such episodes in the long run.  

"Today isn't the time to consider what the global community isn't doing enough, or why folks achieve this level of brutality.  Now's the opportunity to only consider the household," he added. 

The authorities 's Forensic Department teams can help ZAKA members finish the identification of their bodies.  Foreign Ministry agents will then look after the past bureaucratic arrangements with all the Indians to be able to discharge the casualties' bodies and fly them into Israel. 

The Israeli ambassador told Ynet about Sunday night, "We intend to wrap the bodies of their four Israeli casualties in Israel flags prior to placing them on the airplane.  A couple of the casualties don't hold a Israeli citizenship, and we intend to wrap them into praying shawls. " 

He added that "that thing has been managed from the Chief Rabbinate, and we'll behave according to its own orders. " 

Rivka Holtzberg's parents ' are also expected to come back to Israel about the IAF aircraft together with their grandson.  The Foreign Ministry is currently working to organize an entry permit for the uterus so she is able to keep on caring for Moshe Zvi.

The Air Force airplane is expected to depart for Israel on Monday afternoon.  When it lands, the funeral occasions will be released. 

ZAKA members have been expected to come back to the scene of the attack at the Chabad offices so as to accumulate the casualties' possessions and be certain the location in cleaned in accordance with Jewish Law.  "They originally told us won't be in a position to input into the Chabad house, however we insisted and demanded to be allowed to perform our job," Zaka representative Shimi Grossman told Ynet, including that "our representative practically had to struggle for this . " 

Zaka guys happen to be taking turns guarding the bodies within the last couple of days so as to make sure that the Indian government neglect 't execute an autopsy on these, that is prohibited by Jewish Law.

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