Words Are Just Labels

What's a word, a word, a sentence but a creation in our planet to communicate with the other, who subsequently comprehends us throughout the process of sparked repetitiveness? 

We understand words in our planet from a really young age and keep daily adding to our dictionary of knowledge known as the brain.  Each term learnt is adjoined frequently by an urge or stimulated interaction led through an outside source.  How would we categorize these communication as speech except to call it creative discussion?

Consider how words evolve inside our planet, firstly created from noises and then constructed into phrases, into more complicated structures to dictate our own life and better comprehend the others around us.  The actual question is, how do we really know them or are we living in a huge miscommunication?

1 thing is for certain that a word is only a tag.  It may be used to tag an item or entity, something which doesn't have any psychological or feeling representation within our planet, but only an immediate representation.  As an instance:
  1. That's a? tree? .
  2. That is a? hat? .
  3. All these are? Individuals? .

This might say that physical things may be well communicated in our planet without much difficulty, but for the instance involving two diverse languages that could be led by physical stimulation.  What about feelings and emotions?  Exactly how are these two entirely non-physical components communicated in our planet?

Primarily, let?s have a look at the term,? love? .  In the event that you should ask a bunch of individuals to warrant their significance of this word love in one page composition, no two individuals would compose the specific same phrases.  Love is yet 1 word but with numerous varied meanings and feelings which each and every individual has his/her own personal comprehension and circumstance in which to use it. 

I adore you?  Within her ears.  What's Harry indicating when he says? I adore you??  In this example?  Yes, instantly most would state that it ought to be apparent, but love isn't a word using one meaning, therefore it could be understood from very different perspectives.  Maybe Harry stated? I adore you?  Since he loved how Sally appeared that afternoon within her dress, how she cuddles him is convinced in her stride.  This would signify that Harry?s representation of love in this example would be to say that I really like the way Sally seems to mepersonally, how we match each other walking hand in hand down the road.

Love could have a lot of distinct meanings based on the results to which we would like to attain.  What's like to one may have requirements whilst to another may have forfeit as its core base.  Either way we label this multi-faceted sense and emotion as only 1 word,? love? .  It has no shape but that which we produce through our thoughts, dependent on feelings and interaction.

If emotions and feelings don't have any true physicality, and cannot truly be tagged, then we're living now inside a huge miscommunication.  Can we ever stop to think that perhaps the entire world lives inside this miscommunication, that in most essence we don't really understand how to communicate to another person with them never comprehending our emotions and feelings?  We always speak about problems of misunderstanding between individuals due to psychological difficulties.  It's the toughest thing for us all to restrain in this lifetime, to convey throughout our emotions, to get across our deepest feelings.

Imagine if all we suffer from this world is because of misunderstanding the feelings and emotions based about issues which we haven't any actual capability to interpret towards one another?  We reside completely within our singular world with no capability to consume another person?s feelings and emotions as our very own.  We could be affected by some other persons emotions and the way they impact on the exterior.  But, we've got no capability to turn into these folks in shape to be aware of precisely how they're feeling.  We can only attempt to explain ourselves on the ends of time, with only more psychological labels which likewise don't have any whole physical representational price.

Are emotions and feelings afterward an proper communication apparatus, or merely a creative expression?  Would this imply that the words are only a creative tool which needs constant understanding so as to be used?  The next time you ask somebody? What's love? , ? What's life? , ? What's purpose? , think of these things mean to youpersonally, and ask yourself, does that person feel exactly like me?  Can he/she understand just what I mean from the labels that I use?  You'll be quite surprised to discover that typically, these words are just tags.  It's not till we use the words from the physical feeling which we're able to ascertain any true direct significance out of them. 

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