Man In Gods Picture?

Does man have a dark and light side; and in that case, does God have exactly the exact same?  

If nothing in God?s production can occur without His acceptance then all needs to be regulated by his own laws.  Right here Christians could say,? Oh, but man made a decision to move against God so it?s man?s fault. ?  Ha, God wanted it that way and put temptation facing Eve to allow it to seem about.  You don?t believe He didn?t understand that the snake was not there?  You don?t believe He didn?t understand exactly what the result is?  Sure He understood nothing escapes His understanding. 

It was the woman that committed the offense. ?  It was part of the program; the big picture so to speak.  God wanted man to be Him; to possess wisdom and experience of good and bad.   Well let?s confront it, we certain aren?t god?s or spirits.   If we're in His image and His likeness, we then have to be totally free thinking, experiencing beings.  We've got the capability to modify our situation through preparation and execution; we've got self-image. 

Our self-image is a consequence of our understanding of ourselves.   How we adapt to our environment denotes our personality and finally our self-image.  Self-image is also an outgrowth of the perception system.  That which we see as genuine and believable builds trust or uncertainty in our capacity to carry out. 

If we don?t confidence inside we have a tendency to oppose it.  It?s exactly the same together with all the unknown, we are apt to fear the unknown as a known.  Death by way of instance, people fear death because it's unknown .   Imagine if man understood his destiny?   Don?t response that to immediately.  People do things daily that they understand is harmful.   Among the worst things of smoking is nurses.  Don?t believe me, go to the hospital and find out who's smoking in door.  People today have a tendency to think they're above it happing to them.  It?s that outdated? It won?t occur to me?  syndrome. 

When they knew they were likely to Hell they'd go right on doing the exact same thing they do today.   When they're passing through the gates of Hell, they'd return and curse God saying. ?  It?s your error, if you?re so adoring how can you allow this to happen. ?  It?s like telling somebody to slow down on lifeless man?s curve, however they go right ahead and speed about it anyhow.   You must haven't adored them to let them accelerate the curve.  It could be a lack of the self-image to concede they are to blame. 

Oh yah, all that bull about self-image being due to societies rejection or acceptance is just another copout.  Who cares if society takes you or never?  It ought to be if you take in culture or not.  Let?s face it, society is now a tool of its own?  own hogwash.  

Well that's the makings of a future post. 

I hope you enjoyed this guide also it stirred your own thinking. 

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