Enlightenment Isn't Only 1 Condition

Lots of people has the idea that enlightenment is 1 state.  Many also think that if it's attained, a individual is forever in this condition.

The following isn't a definitive article on this particular subject.  It's only an expression of my thoughts.

My view is that enlightenment isn't merely 1 nation but is a progressive and slow establishing of states of awareness.

I, myself haven't get to the end of the street.  However, in the years on a religious pursuit, I could safely state that enlightenment occurs in a succession or phases of self-realisations and self-discoveries.

Ordinarily there's a gap between a first stirring along with also a later stabilisation of the point that occurs through training or adventures.  The first awakenings are fresh discoveries concerning the dynamics of awareness, although the stabilisation is that the assimilation of what's being found into a 's life encounter.  From time to time, a new discovery may completely over-rule or change upon an elderly one.

Virtually all phases of enlightenment could be stated to be connected with Presence.  On the other hand, the educational Presence comes in a variety of degrees of clarity and intensity.  The amount of intensity is directly determined by the depth and level of a single 's clarity and one's realisations/discoveries.

Additionally, as one advances along, the connection or relations of oneself into the world and presence at large also becomes clearer.

If one first start meditating, an individual may first go through the all-pervading Presence.  This Presence, is often experienced when ideas are suspended.  

Nevertheless this type of adventure can only be categorized as an awakening to the real self. .  That is no-self.   An individual cannot know and discover the link of existence to our daily life.  Therefore you will have trouble re-acquiring the Presence.  Plus it requires many phases and collection of realisation to comprehend the connection of Presence into our incredible world.  It may be stated that the protracted sustaining of Presence depends upon the phases and thickness of realisation.

Additionally, during the previous phases we might mistaken another nation to function as pure existence.   This is only because the believing mind has produced a reflective picture of Pure Presence.  

All these understandings could consist of denying that one's character isn't the doer of activity.   This phase involves recognising the hypnotic belief of being an audience as well as the being detected.  This is where one starts to see through the illusionary character of the phenomenal world.

I can't comment on the phases before me since they're outside me.  But an individual can see in the above mentioned that enlightenment isn't too clear-cut after all.

To the necessary discernment.  Thanks for reading. 

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