Chasing Our Tails

Chasing Our Tails
  • Ever feel as if you're doing a great deal of nothing in particular?
  • Very active achieving not much whatsoever?
  • Lose weight, place it back ?
  • Save a little bit of cash, spend more?
  • Stand up on your own, undermine your self?
  • Get inspired, get unmotivated?

Still chasing your own tail.

Aside from that... things are fantastic.

It is said that insanity is doing the identical thing repeatedly and expecting a different result.

This 's what lots people do.

And while we fully know the 'if we would like to be distinct, we will need to perform distinct ' notion, also a lot people appear to get trapped within this endless cycle of frustration.

Yesterday morning I talked with a bloke whose lifestyle is busy to say the least.

He works three tasks (two part-time), spends two hours per day traveling to and from these tasks, research part time, has a girlfriend that he barely sees, is obese, is starting and quitting weight-loss endeavours and fitness targets, always beats up himself due to his lack of will-power, doesn't eat... then eats a lot of, is frustrated, and has no cash in the bank despite his three tasks, is still paying off a debt to get a failed business enterprise and normally....  Is just one unhappy, frustrated dog.

As I was chatting with him I started to observe how hard he had been performing life.
He had been compelled to get ahead.
But maybe not at all a productive, smart, this-is-fun-and-rewarding-kind of manner, much more in a.. 'kill-yerself-by-the-time-yer-thirty-five'... type of way.

Type of way.
If you looked up the term disorganised, then you 'd see an image of him.
He'd no (intelligent ) plan.
He'd chaos.

I've gone through moments in my journey and together with the development of my company where I've felt as though I was always chasing my tailinvesting way too much energy and time, like too little return on my investment.

Here's exactly what I've discovered:
(1) We can't do ten items (nicely ) in precisely the exact same time (we believe we could, we could 't).
When we spread ourselves too thin (energy, time, tools ) we have a tendency to do ten different things badly instead of a few things nicely.  Among the biggest lessons I've learned in business is that the significance of surrounding myself with fantastic men and women having the skills, skills, knowledge and time I don't.... and letting them do what I could 't.
Should you would like 't have the luxury of helpers (since I harbor 't for the majority of my life) then it's essential that you prioritise, do a few things well and put different things on hold.

(2) It is essential that we get distance, clarity, perspective and space from our everyday grind.  It's not possible to be objective about it... if we're inside.  Occasionally if we're from our normal scenario is if we're at the very best head-space and also make the finest (big image ) choices.  Ever noticed how much emotion and perspective you make it about your daily life / career / interactions once you're on holidays or away from the 'regular ' situation.
*And silent.
*Cease the racing.
*Halt the tail pursuing.
*For a minute... or several minutes.
*Step from this chaos as well as the repeat, even for an hour.
*Pray, read, meditate... research the religious you.

(3) Switch off the telephone, the TV, the computer (you'll be fine ), the sound and listen.
Listen to this still, small voice.

Quit stunting your growth and advancement with unproductive, un-rewarding busy-ness.
Locate a location where you are able to turn the switch into 'away ' and simply be.

When I'm silent and still is if I actually hear from....  me.

(4) Utilize a mentor, friend, coach that will assist you get view amongst the chaos.
And find somebody who won't tell you exactly what you wish to hear.  Locate someone like me that cares. .  But is dull, occasionally offensive(!)  And fair.  Short-term pain... for a few very long term profit.  Too many men and women surround themselves with 'lovers ' who always tell them exactly what they need they would like to hear.

(5) When you request comments, don't inquire together with your fingers in your ears.
In a team meeting a couple of years back I asked my team how I had to change to become a better supervisor.

They informed me.
A number people have this idiotic belief that we must sweatgrind and endure our way into the very top.  Some distress is necessary (because we've discussed) but making it tougher than it ought to be is simply silly!  For a long time I made my life more difficult than it had to be since I didn't create the best use of my time or abilities.

I generated added, unnecessary work and hardship for me personally.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:
A) Can I do so (whatever this is) that the best way?
B ) What do I do right now to change my scenario (or at least begin the wheels spinning )?
C ) How can my mindset (faith, perspective) bring about the cycle of frustration?

(6) As dull and clear as this bit of information is... many people don't get it done ( I hate sounding like a Standard Personal Development kind, so forgive me):

Establish goals, have to-do lists, produce programs, work to your program... be organised and structured. .  So your productivity is up along with your frustration is down.  Many men and women overlook 't aim set, strategy or manage time efficiently (if at all).

Don't get up tomorrow and do everything you did now... simply because 's exactly what you've always done.

In case you've been a habitual tail-chaser, perhaps now (currently even) could be the opportunity to stop. 

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