Chairman, of the global Educational and Social Services arms of this Chabad-Lubavitch Movement

With deep sadness and profound sorrow, we obtained the definitive information, only a short few years ago, confirming that the barbarous murder of two of our greatest, Rabbi Gavriel Noach, 29, along with Rivkah Holtzberg, 26, our beloved agents in Mumbai, India, that served their neighborhood with devotion and love. 

On behalf of the coworkers and fellow shluchim and shluchos across the globe and on behalf of the whole world of Lubavitch, we communicate profoundly heartfelt condolences to the parents and loved ones of the gorgeous, young couple, as well as the families and loved ones of every one of those that were murdered in this senseless, barbaric assault.  

And may those hurt in this dreadful ordeal be blessed with a quick and complete recovery.
We, indeed the whole world, were praying until today that Gaby and Rivkah will be spared together with the rest of the hostages.  Regrettably, today the situation has shifted.  This information is refreshing and the wound is uncooked. 

Words are insufficient to express our outrage and profound melancholy, at this horrible action of inexplicable murder of innocent men, women and kids, fueled by causeless hate.

The targeting by terrorists of overseas nationals, underscores the need for authorities to work together to fight terrorism resolutely and efficiently, so the palms of those trying to destroy life and interrupt peace will no longer achieve their aims.

Back in 2003, soon after their union, Gavriel and Rivkah heeded the call of the Lubavitch Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of blessed memory, and gave up all of the conveniences of family and home, taking up home at the opposite end of the planet, to selflessly help others in need.  In an extremely brief time, their residence and centre became a flourishing hub of kindness and goodness, since they dispensed their mix of gracious openheartedness into the regional Jewish community and also to tens of thousands of tourists and business people who dared Mumbai.

The Holtzbergs toddler boy, Moshele, that had been heroically rescued in the hell from his grandma, Sandra, will indicate his next birthday on Shabbat, November 29.  Now he became an orphan with no daddy and mother to embrace him and observe .

The entire world of Lubavitch and also our emissaries will embrace this gorgeous young toddler, and assure him of their greatest possible upbringing into maturity. 

The outpouring of prayer and love from all over the planet, and from all areas of society, throughout this stressful time was heartening and inviting.  It's a tribute to the life that the young couple headed.  In their memory, let's station that this openness into our own communities and homes, living our own lives as they lived their brief but effective lives.

Since the Shabbat strategies, we call upon Jewish women and women, to soften the deep shadow that the world is watching, and usher in the Shabbat by lighting the traditional Shabbat candles, 18 minutes prior to sunset.  I'm sure that this could be Gabys and Rivkahs want.

You understand how to face challenges and hardship.  Maintain strong and keep to forge ahead with courage and fortitude at the support of our individuals and humanity, to make this planet a better place to live for everybody.

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